LogicMachine Re:actor V3 is all-in-one cross-standard controller uniting in one device.LogicMachine Reactor V3


Re:actor is a simple solution for complex tasks providing possibility to complete the installation with only one single device. Yet Re:actor offers an unbeatable price ratio for complete installation.

In comparison with Reactor V2, Reactor V3 has 6 additional Analog inputs instead of Resistive sensor inputs. We strongly recommend to use 1-wire temperature sensors instead of resistive ones, because of more easy and cost-effective installation and reliability and precise reading over long lines.


LogicMachine core functionality presentation



I/O specification

Standards and protocols



Download LogicMachine Reactor V3 Datasheet here


Download LogicMachine3 Reactor V3 Manual here
Hotel solution based on LogicMachine
Examples for hotel solution based on LogicMachine devices


Visualization examples


You are welcome to try demo of Logic Machine here:

LogicMachine visualization demo available here.