Embedded Systems SIA is a privately held company, established in year 1998, located in Riga, Latvia. Embedded Systems SIA is a shareholder of KNX Association. Our products are developed and manufactured in Riga, Latvia.

Currently we are actively developing unique solutions in the following market fields:

Building automation
Manufacturing controllers and providing solutions for building and home automation applications

CANx technology
Developing CANx protocol and manufacturing devices based on CANx and LoRa 433 wireless
Streaming player
Manufacturing Hi End streaming players and providing with ready active speaker solution

Ecosystem for Internet of Things

Few reviews from our partners:

I like in LogicMachine controller that it is amazingly elastic and with some knowledge you can do nearly everything in not only one way

I have to congratulate you for the LogicMachine which is probably the best product I ever seen

The LogicMachine Reactor is one fantastic piece of engineering. It’s worth every single cent. I do not come across products often that are that well thought out and work flawlessly

I have never fallen in love with a product in so fast time

          KNX Member Embedded Systems