Logic Machine firmware version 2021.12

You can find the hardware model in the “Upgrade firmware” window:

LM5 Power devices with i.MX6 CPU

📥︎ LM5 Lite (3 DIN units)
📥︎ LM5 Lite + Ext (4 or 6 DIN units)
📥︎ LM5 Reactor GM KNX
📥︎ LM5 Reactor GM CANx
📥︎ LM5 Reactor Dimmer KNX
📥︎ LM5 Reactor Dimmer CANx
📥︎ LM5 Reactor IO V2
📥︎ LM5 M4 (4 DIN units)
📥︎ LM Wall (Ambient V2)

📥︎ Extra packages (i.MX6 CPU)

Devices with old CPU (i.MX28)

📥︎ LM2 IMX
📥︎ LM3 V1 (4 x RS-485)
📥︎ LM3 V2 (3 x RS-485 and 1 x RS-232)
📥︎ LM4
📥︎ LM5 Lite (3 DIN units)
📥︎ LM5 Lite + Ext (4 or 6 DIN units)
📥︎ LM5 4 DIN units
📥︎ LM Wall (Ambient)
📥︎ LM Reactor Lite
📥︎ LM Reactor V1
📥︎ LM Reactor V2
📥︎ LM Reactor V3

📥︎ Extra packages (i.MX28 CPU)

Note! Please make Backup in Logic Machine / Utilities before doing the upgrade. When upgrading from older versions your project can be lost during the upgrade. After the upgrade clear your browser cache and restore the backup.

Streaming Player firmware

📥︎ Streaming Player IMX6 firmware 2019.10.1
📥︎ Streaming Player IMX28 firmware 2019.10.1
📥︎ Streaming Player DIN-rail with two SPDIF inputs firmware 2015.09.30

Recovery image for Logic Machine and Streaming Player

Please follow this guide to find out how to reflash the micro SD card in case the device is not accessible.

📥︎ Recovery image for Logic Machine i.MX6 POWER CPU and Streaming Player Power
📥︎ Recovery image for Logic Machine i.MX28 and Streaming Player

If you could not find the needed documentation or firmware, please contact us by email info@openrb.com and we will provide it to your email address.