LogicMachine5 Power brings redundancy and maintenance possibilities of your installation to another level.

LM5 Power is an embedded platform with integrated Ethernet, USB, KNX/EIB, DALI, 1-Wire, Serial interfaces. LM allows to use it as cross-standard gateway, logic engine, visualization platform, IP Router. Scripting templates provides user-friendly, flexible configuration interface and integration with cloud/web services, 3rd party devices. Via applying custom scripts LM can simultaneously act as thermostat, security panel, lighting controller, etc. LogicMachine application store and external app development possibility allows to extend device functionality and adjust to a specific market segment.



LogicMachine5 comparison table 1.2024


LogicMachine core functionality presentation



I/O specification


Standards and protocols



Download LogicMachine5 Power DW1 Datasheet here


Download LogicMachine5 Power DW1 manual here


Visualization examples

See more examples and templates here.