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LogicMachine comparison table 2.2019

LogicMachine5 Reactor GSM manual

LogicMachine5 Reactor GSM datasheet

LogicMachine5 Power DR manual

LogicMachine5 Power DR datasheet

LogicMachine5 Reactor Lite manual

LogicMachine5 Reactor Lite datasheet

LogicMachine5 Reactor IO v2 manual

LogicMachine5 Reactor IO v2 datasheet

LogicMachine5 Reactor Dimmer manual

LogicMachine5 Reactor Dimmer datasheet

LogicMachine5 Reactor IO EnOcean datasheet

LogicMachine5 Lite datasheet

LogicMachine5 Lite manual

LogicMachine5 datasheet

LogicMachine5 manual

LogicMachine Reactor V3 datasheet

LogicMachine Reactor V3 manual

LogicMachine Ambient datasheet

LogicMachine Ambient manual

LogicMachine Reactor user manual

Logic Machine serial port names

LUA scripting language quick start-up guide

LUA function reference for Logic Machine

Streaming Audio Player manual

Streaming Player with 2 x 55W Amplifier Datasheet

Streaming Player without Amplifier Datasheet

Audio Amplifier Datasheet


LogicMachine Ambient Use-case for Telecom Operators
LogicMachine Use-case for Beacons
Hotel solution based on LogicMachine – presentation
Hotel solution based on LogicMachine devices – 3 examples
Smart hotel based on LM Ambient

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