LogicMachine5 Reactor IO v3 is all-in-one controller uniting in one device cross-standard gateway, cloud service integration, complex network logic engine, easy-to create visualization platform, IP Router, I/Os and much more.


LogicMachine5 comparison table 1.2024


I/O specification


Product datasheet and manual

Download LogicMachine5 Reactor IO v3 datasheet here


Download LogicMachine5 manual here

Download LogicMachine5 Reactor IO manual here

Download Mosaic and Cloud manual here


Download DWG file here


Demo LogicMachine5

Demo device can be found here (admin / admin)


Hotel solution based on LogicMachine

Hotel solution based on LogicMachine


Examples for hotel solution based on LogicMachine devices


Standards and protocols



Visualization examples

Download visualization templates here (registration required).
Custom icons can be found here.