CANx is an open standard protocol for building control, m2m, IoT and other remote control and measurement applications. It enables simple, low-cost devices to be networked together with high-end computers and/or to work as an autonomous system, whatever the communication media is. CANx is free and open – no usage, patent or other costs for its implementation and use.

CANx is based on the reliable and widely-used CAN FT media. It allows to manufacture low cost nodes that can work reliably, efficiently and can be trusted in their day-to-day operation. CANx is fully European technology including design, manufacturing, main components and assembly.


Full list of features can be found in CANx Flash document or or

Short start-up guide


Any topology (except loop) can be used: Line, Star, Tree

Security and maintenance

Security is key concern for any IoT system, especially for Industry 4.0. Besides encryption, the whole network can be put in a state where only control/status messages are allowed but any configuration change attempts are blocked completely.

Commissioning tool

See CANx configuration tool manual here.

Semantics-based object connections

Each device contains information on internal IO ports: whether it is a sensor or an actuator; temperature, pressure or co2 reading etc. This information is used to create connections between devices in a semi-automatic way.


Download CANx devices SHORT catalog here
Download CANx devices FULL catalog here


Documents for download

Download CANx Flash

Download CANx brochure

Download CANx-LoRa wireless benefits

Download CANx configurator manual

CANx device reflashing manual

CANx device reflashing software