LogicMachine3 Re:actor platform enables installers to efficiently customize building automation processes, easily delivering unlimited flexibility to the end user in a cost-effective way. Please see LogicMachine core functionality presentation here.

All-in-one: All-in-one controller provides a possibility to complete the installation with only one single device.

Solve it: You can solve potentially any task which can be imagined, thanks to freely programmable and extendable design.

Extend it: In addition to 31 baseboard I/O ports, you can extend it with a line of external I/O devices based on open protocols.

Speak in all languages: Speak in all languages at the same time – EnOcean, KNX/EIB, Modbus, BACnet, DALI, 1-Wire, DMX, GSM, Bluetooth Low Energy and more.

Cloud it: All of your devices can find each other and transparently exchange information.

Log, Trend and Export it: Thanks to 4GB built-in memory, the device can store logs for more than 20 years and export them to external servers.

Visualize it: Display current status and control your installation from a Smartphone, Tablet or PC.

You can download our information materials as PDF files here.

KNX/EIB LogicMachine3 Reactor brochure

Download LogicMachine3 Re:actor manual

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