Example: Internet of Things with LogicMachine



The Internet of Things (IoT) is the interconnection of uniquely identifiable embedded computing devices within the existing Internet infrastructure. Up to now most of the things we rely on in our daily life and business, like machines, sensors, appliances, shopping carts, need to be run with human intelligence in order for them to function well. This is changing very fast now as IoT enables enhanced way of working and living by equipping things with brain.

IoT = Smart home + wearable electronics+ smart things + smart sensors

IoT consists of things which are interconnected through Internet enabling greater computing capabilities and using data analytics to extract meaningful information.

What is happening on the market?

Nowadays there is a huge influence of money in what we call automation:Picture28

Why “Internet Machines”?
Here keyword is Internet – for more than 20 years after the last economic crisis the growth driver of the global economy is Internet and related products and technologies. And now it is decided to build another Internet, but this time Machines not Human. You would ask Why? Because now the count of people is much less than machines! It is a tremendous market for economics with huge capacity.



E.g. by integrating energy consuming devices like bulbs, power outlets, televisions etc. in IoT, it is possible to make them communicate with the utility company in order to effectively balance power generation and supply.

E.g. the equipment in a factory is able to share the data with the cloud. The company can improve its operations by analyzing this received information.

LogicMachine is IoT ready ecosystemIoT_LogicMachine


Fight of devices VS Fight of ecosystems02-android-vs-ios


With LogicMachine we have made this ecosystem