In some high-load installations it it sometimes necessary to interconnect lot of visualization clients, perform lot of mathematical calculations like PID, do data logging of huge amount of data etc. It is not always enough with performance of regular LogicMachine for such installations. So it is necessary to have such LogicMachine Load Balancer and Cloud Server for high-load installations which will be as an addition to regular LogicMachines devices installed on KNX lines.



We found appropriate solution based on Intel NUC platform and have already installed and fully tested our LogicMachine software on this hardware.

  • Up-to 20x faster than regular LogicMachine platform thanks to 1.5GHz CPU (with Floating Point Unit on-board)
  • 4GB RAM on-board, we can keep much bigger data amount in memory
  • Possible to add additional HDD (there is a space inside the device) for saving logs. Can be several TB disk
  • No movable details, no fans, no external HDD
  • Software is installed on eMCC storage which has the same size as LM’s microSD flash – 4GB
  • Long-time availability of the product
  • Targeted for highly-reliable installations
  • Built-in watchdog timer
  • Dimensions 190 mm x 116 mm x 40 mm
  • Power consumption 36 W max

Product safety regulations and standardsLM_Intel_ports

EMC Regulations and standards (CLASS B)

Environmental regulations


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