Example: ZeroTier remote maintenance of LM5 without opening the ports on your router


You can access your LogicMachine from the internet in several ways. One is port forwarding on your central router (not recommended due to lack of security). Another way is using VPN connection from your laptop to your central router (very secure, but requires access to the central router). There is also OpenVPN connection possibility between LogicMachine (client) and server (in this case you need to have OpenVPN server somewhere on the internet; this requires quite complex setup work and involves regular maintenance costs).

The most optimal way is to use ZeroTier which provides the same security level, but makes it very easy in setting up.

You can program KNX/TP line that is connected directly to LM but not other lines via KNX/IP at the moment. Unsecure tunneling can be safely used because the ZeroTier connection is already encrypted.

Step-by-step guide

Please note that this functionality requires firmware version 2021.05 and newer on LogicMachine5. Only imx6 CPU (power) is supported.

1. Create new ZeroTier account here

2. Go to Networks and Create a Network

3. Click on the Network ID

4. Give your network a name and a description

5. All other settings are optional

6. Copy the Network ID from ZeroTier website

7. Go to System Configuration -> Services -> ZeroTier
Enable Service Status and paste the network ID in to Join Network ID 1. Select OK to save

8. Go back to ZeroTier website, Networks and scroll to Members. You may need to refresh the browser. There will be info: One device has joined the network

9. Connected device must be authenticated

10. Now the status in LogicMachine ZeroTier should be OK

The IP is the remote IP of LogicMachine.

11. To join your PC to the same network, go to Download section in ZeroTier and download Windows application and install it

12. Start the application and it will automatically run in Windows taskbar. Right click on it and select Join Network

13. Paste your network ID. If you want to use ZeroTier to download ETS application select Allow Global. Click Join afterwards

14. Now go to ZeroTier to authenticate your PC

15. Connect to LM by using your Managed IP, The same IP can be used as interface in ETS