Example: Xiaomi Mi Band applications for Smart Living with LogicMachine


There are plenty of applications to think of when we take in hands Xiaomi Mi Band Bluetooth 4.0 watch. The device has built-in accelerator, vibrator and LED indication. Yet the band holds extremely long time period without charging:


User profile / Active presence

warehouse_active_presenceWe can use each Bluetooth watch as a profile or scene in KNX or any other field-bus system supported by LogicMachine. One person can have one settings in the room, another one – other settings. Also, we can use this instead of movement or presence detectors. For example, in logistics warehouse with narrow aisles it is not always possible to use PIR detector, solution with Bluetooth watch would perfectly fit. Further, the same can be used for counting working hours of employees and presence at working spot.


2-step security verification

access_controlWe can use Bluetooth device as a 2nd step verification device. For example, if an employee enters his PIN code on a security panel, the system also checks the existence of his Bluetooth watch as a 2nd security verification mechanism. This increases security a lot.


Resort guest tracking and identification

xiaomi_miband_wristIn many resorts the hotel provides wearable wrist to identify the guest.

Instead, it could use Bluetooth 4.0 watch like Xiaomi Mi Band to track the user – where is he now, how long is he sitting in the bar etc. The battery of Xiaomi device holds for several months, so the guest doesnt need to charge it.
There are replacement wrists for this watch available, so the guest can keep it once checking out, and leave only the brain part of watch.

Queue mechanism with built-in vibrator

xiaomi-mi-band-05This is useful, for example, in hospitals where there is a queue – the doctor can send Bluetooth push notification from LogicMachine visualization to the next person in the queue to come in the room.


“Take medicines on time” reminder with vibrator

medicine_reminder_bluetoothThis feature is very useful for older people at home. We can program the LogicMachine scheduler which will send Bluetooth telegram for vibration on specific times to remind take pills (or, it can be any other action – pay bills, pick up kids from school etc.).


Activity tracker with accelerometer

older-couple-walkingSometime sit is important to track older people activity. By using Mi Band we can receive this reading with each Bluetooth telegram to LogicMachine and act accordingly. For example, if there have been < 1000 steps per day for 3 days, LogicMachine sends SMS or email to their children, or play specific “reminder” track on Streaming Player 🙂 The historical data can be analyzed or sent to cloud by necessity – on specific events or by scheduler.


Tap the Mi Band to turn on light or play radio station

Mi-BandBy tapping the Mi Band device, it is possible to trigger specific telegram to be sent to LogicMachine and we can turn on/off specific object in our KNX, BACnet, Modbus, EnOcean, DALI and other fieldbus systems. We can trigger on LogicMachine a specific scene as well, like turn on light with specific brightness, adjust thermostat, or play specific radio station.


Access control system

access controlIt is a good idea to use such bands instead of RFID cards or iButton because, at approximately the same price you will get same functionality plus lot more. For example, if it is used in the office building, we can use the band to get employees current location, send him notification via vibrating at specific mode etc. You can disconnect the band from the wrist if the visual doesn’t fit you and use it as a key-ring.
You can also use the band like your electronic ID. You can program the band with specific sequence of symbols and use this, for example, in cinemas to allow clients to enter a specific cinema room – they are checked by the sequence number + MAC of the device (to exclude cloning possibility).


House or office auto-pilot mode with automatic scene depending on time of arrival / leaving

When coming home equipped with your band, the home automation system can launch specific scene depending of the time of arrival – specific lighting brightness, specific music, specific shutter position, specific TV channel etc.


Precise, cost-effective climate control

air_control_indoors When doing climate control in buildings, there is a specific regulation of how much fresh air circulation should be for one person there. For example, if there is a party, there is no way except CO2 and Air quality sensors to adjust this automatically. More cost-effective way could be using bands for each visitor, thus the system would automatically know how many people are in the room currently and adjust the fancoil system accordingly.


Health insurance fee amount, depending on the person’s activity

Health-InsuranceA perfect idea for insurance companies could be setting the health insurance fee amount, depending on the activity of the person. They would be able to see how much sports a person does. With Mi Band and LogicMachine it is possible to gather all this information into a cloud, analyze and make reports.