Max amplifier power not excess a human ear’s pain threshold

Q: Will it be enough with 50W amplifier power my house audio installation?
A: 50W usually is even excess power in most cases. Sound pressure level (SPL) in average is >90dB. Physical meaning of SPL – it provides sound pressure 90dB on distance 1m by providing 1W of power. 90dB is already a loud sound. A pain threshold in the human ear is 114dB. So it is enough with 20W of amplifier power to reach this pain threshold by using decent loudspeakers. Of course, we need to take into account also how big is the room where the loudspeakers are installed, but mostly excess amplifier powers are just a marketing gimmick.

Interconnection with KNX/EIB

Q: How to interconnect Streaming Player with KNX?
A: The device has built-in support for KNXnet/IP. You have to interconnect it with a network where KNX IP Router (e.g. Logic Machine 3) is present and make sure that IP Router is not blocking telegrams going from/to the Streaming Player

Why is there no KNX TP1 interface?

Q: Why don’t you use KNX TP1 interface on Streaming Player?
A: It is affecting audio quality, while Ethernet is galvanically isolated

No access to KNX bus through IP Router

Q: I use IP Router to access the KNX bus, but stil no control over KNX.
A: Try to switch off filtering table on IP interface

How to make playlists?

Q: How to make playlists on Streaming Player?
A: Steps:
– connect by remote user interface from iPod/iPhone/iPad (MPoD/MPaD), Android (MPDroid) or Windows (Ario)
– choose the server (Streaming Player) and start making your playlists, controlling the music etc
– once you are playing some playlist, tracks from it appears also in Streaming Player’s Audio Control menu

No tracks seen from remote media controller application

Q: I’ve added my DLNA based NAS and FTP server in Streaming Player’s network, also plugged USB drive with my music archive. But, when trying to browse tracks from my control applications (Ario, MPoD), I just see the devices, but no tracks.
A: When doing first Upgrade Database for your Streaming Player, it may take some time while the database is updated. Do not restart Streaming Player during this process, just be patient.

No tracks seen from USB drive

Q: I’ve attached USB flash drive with MP3 files, but I don’t see any tracks on it from my control applications (Ario, MPoD).
A: Streaming Player supports FAT/FAT32/NTFS/EXT4 file-systems, please format the drive using one of these file-systems

Discover IP address of Logic Machine or Streaming Player

Q: Is there a way automatically discover IP address of Logic Machine or Streaming Player.
A: Please see utility list here.

Control media player from KNX bus through BAOS 772 IP Router

Q: What is the configuration to be able to control Streaming player from KNX bus through BAOS 772 IP Router.
A: Make sure you have enabled KNXnet/IP on the player in Quick Setup –> Services and then set Tunneling mode in Sys config –> Network –> KNX connection and specify the IP address of BAOS router.

KNX TP1 port in Streaming Player

Q: Is it possible to add a KNX port in streaming player?
A: We have done such developments in first versions of Streaming Player. TP1 affected the quality of the music, now we have KNXnet/IP support by LAN port. Usually there is LogicMachine or any other IP Interface in the installation which can be used for communication with KNX bus and you can control your music from KNX group addresses.

SP interconnection with Speakers with 4,6,8,16 Ohms

Q: What happens if I connect different resistance speakers to your Streaming Player?
A: The more resistance of the speaker, the less the output power of the player. It will work with any resistance speakers.