Signal processing technology

In our vision of qualitative sound, we have strived to deliver the digital bitstream without distortion, meaning the source digital signal remains the same until the very end of the track (output to loudspeakers) and is based on directly converting the PCM signal to PWM with fully digital amplifier (EQUlBlT tech).

Advantages of this approach:

We obtain one clock speed generator for all circuits, which significantly reduces jitter (distortion) and provides a means to avoid undesirable interference with other clock speed generators (there are simply no others in the design).

Loudspeakers and frame

In working on this project, we directed most of our attention at the loudspeakers, since they have the most effect on the final sound quality. We wanted minimal size speakers that were constructed in such a way as to:

The frame itself is designed so that the depth of the frame is greater than its height. This also reduces internal resonance and internal standing waves, particularly at a frequency of 500 Hz. The non-linearity of the amplitude characteristic at this frequency does not exceed ± 1.5 dB, which is more than enough for high-category audio playback quality.

Among other key features: