Example: Stream SoundCloud song on Amati.linea player by KNX push-button trigger


How is it possible to play specific audio track on Streaming Player on KNX event trigger, e.g., by scheduler or on push-button click?

Sometimes it is necessary to warn house owner on events occurring on the fieldbus, e.g. water leakage or smoke detection or simply wake-up call via specific audio track. As Streaming Player supports KNXnet/IP, you can control its music from KNX bus by using KNX IP router e.g. LogicMachine3. In this example we will review possibility to stream SoundClound track by click of KNX push-button. In same way you can stream song from built-in or USB flash-drive, play specific Internet radio, or stream from your DLNA or FTP server.


Streaming Player configuration




LogicMachine configuration