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Glue with intellect for your house

LogicMachine 4
3 x RS485
1 x CEC
1 x 1-wire
1 x DALI
1 x IR Blaster
1 x KNX TP1
2 x USB 2.0 Host
1 x Ethernet

LogicMachine Re:actor V2
1 x 1-wire
1 x DALI
1 x EnOcean
16 x Universal I/O
6 x PT100/PT1000
2 x AO
1 x RS-485
1 x KNX TP1
1 x USB 2.0 Host
1 x Ethernet

LogicMachine Wall
1 x RS-485 for peripheral interconnection based on Modbus etc.
1 x 1-wire for temperature sensors, movement detect, relays etc.
1 x Buzzer for sound indications
1 x IR Blaster to control all IR devices in one room like A/C, TV etc.
1 x EnOcean 868MHz module with antenna
1 x Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy
1 x Ethernet with passive Power-over-Ethernet support
1 x LED for indication
1 x USB for external WiFi/GSM or other peripheral

Sensors: humidity+temperature, VOC / CO / CO2 / Air quality, barometer
IP65 optional

These are core functions of LogicMachine
1st  - IP Router functionality
2nd - Visualisation
3rd  - Programming
4th  - Gateway between..

 1st core function – KNX IP Router function
Adding objects in filter table by one click
Sophisticated filtering policies
Remote diagnostics

we have a solution how to control
more IP Routers installed in different
installations (RDF)
  • IP Router can warn by email if there was 
    KNX bus error, buffer overflow (KNX
    flood), state of connected devices

  • KNX load, telegram counter

  • Keepalive check of bus devices

IP Router summary
On today, we have the most advanced, sophisticated
and user-friendly KNX IP router on the market!  

2nd core functionality - visualisation
Interface example
Graphics of LogicMachine
  • Each element of Look&Feel can be customized
   Buttons, sliders, backgrounds etc.

  • Usually there is either minimal (change of icons) 
    or no customization possible in other solutions

Our goal – create the most advanced visualisation
engine oriented on two main target audiences:


  • graphical professionals 

  • and simultaneously convenient for 
    basic usage of non-professionals
All designs are made in Adobe Illustrator which
is standard de-facto on graphical design market

Same principles are used for creating design 
of visualisation as in creating any graphical design 
in Adobe Illustrator

The visualisation in our system is now sharpened
for hi-resolution displays

.. and on the smart phones where
resolution can be 400dpi+)

We use SVG instead of raster,
which allows to make
the best
quality images for the newest
retina displays..
  • Coordinates of objects (controls, images) on AI are equal with 
    coordinates in LogicMachine
  • We make a list of these coordinates, which doesn't need 
    any recalculation etc.. we import design as-is.

We support the newest trends in LM
One background is static,
another together with objects
is movable
Installable web-fonts
SVG animation (interactivity)
Transitions when
changing screens

Upscaling/downscaling of screen width
no need to create separate design for each display


PC or MAC 

Vertical scrolling
We have optimized visualization for any electronic
device with screen on-board :)
  • player like iPOD 
  • smart TV 
  • tablet 
  • smartphone 
  • PC/MAC 
  • smart watch (hot product) 

Free SVG image editor
If you want to make professional design 
and are not ready to pay for AI subscription, 
you have a choice – a free program for creating 
SVG screens for LM - Inkscape 

Lot of prepared professional templates
and icons from our side for free
We are sure that now we can create most
impressive visualisation on the market! :)
On the market of expensive 
installations custom design 
visualisations (individualization) 
are a must-have 

You cannot ask for money for 
standard design which 
everyone has 
Beginner way visualisation
  • We have built-in ready templates and constructor
  •  You need only to adapt one of prepared designs 
     (add/remove objects etc.)

We have created fully or partly transferable
designs without linkage to objects
You need to import and reassign group addresses
to each visual object which is marked in RED
Deep customization
  • When we go from automation into other segments 
like digital signage, you can make the visualization
updates based on data received by LM
 (e.g. temperature measurement);
in this way you can combine outer +inner worlds.

  • With same tools you can make 
digital signage and visualization.

3rd core functionality - programming
We have made mixed environment for the 
beginners and experts – block-programming 
with ability to add custom functions in the engine
Learning of programming in codes, 
when using block programming
  • In each block you can always see the code 
  • This is the best way to go from block to standard 
programming (more flexible and powerful than blocks)

Basic programming way
  • True KNX way 
  • Close to standard functional block programming 
  • Important point – this functional block can be 
    moved to normal expert-level programming code
    and later adjusted directly there. So we improve
    skills of installers and adapt to our environment

Expert programming way
Standard IT-way of programming but with
additional helpers, checkers etc. (in LUA) 

Programming of the device
  • You can use standard technologies for programming. 
    You can program in plain C, C++ or transfer already
    made programs to LM environment.

  • All C, C++ functions can be transferred to LUA 

Standard programming 
  • We have brought usability to the stage when we do not 
    know what else to add :)

  • Professionals can do anything, but even non-professionals 
    can easy create programs not being afraid of this process

Lot of helpers added, which allows to make complex, 
quality tasks without problems; and create correct code 
even when you do it not regularly 
User libraries
  • Export/import 
  • Hide the source code to sell the programs 

Custom applications
Special engine for adding
and creating custom
desktop applications
(which appear like apps
on iPAD when installed) 

4th core functionality – gateway between..
Real Internet of Everything - all devices/protocols supported!
Technologies which we have added 
support for lately:
Google planned to make NEST the center of the home,
but we put it to work as standard thermostat
for LogicMachine :)
We support Phillips HUE from the box
Belkin WeMO is supported
And lots more of proprietary devices 
and protocols support can be easily 
added by integrator himself
Why EnOcean is used in our solutions?
It is the only technology that actually eliminates
the need for batteries and therefore - maintenance


  • Using frequencies below 1 GHz 
(better wall penetration and less signal
loss in air than 2.4GHz) 

  • Fastest transmission speed and 
shortest telegrams what makes less
power consumption of the device 

Total Cost of Ownership for
Apple iBeacons which
include beacons, replacement
of batteries, transportation,

You save most of this
with EnOcean!

Alpha mio + LogicMachine
  • Heart monitor 
  • Bluetooth Low energy 

Health monitoring - really huge market ! 
  • It is important to have ability to connect health monitoring 
with environmental control, as both segments are united
very often
  • E.g. if your pulse gets lower, by controlling temperature, 
humidity, O2 level → you can influence on the physical
state of human

Sensors without possibility to integrate them with
environment control or medical personnel, are pointless!
We are sure that health monitoring and predictive
environmental control
will be gigantic market in close future

  • Lot of companies including Microsoft 
have sensor platforms integrated
in smart watch with open protocol
(not usual to Microsoft!), so we can
use their product in our solutions 

  • Previously big companies didn't 
provide such possibilities

Previously we had to do reverse-engineering (hack) 
to connect to such closed systems :) 

  • Currently Bluetooth Low Energy is mostly oriented 
to mobile devices

  • It is not a good idea to use Bluetooth LE devices 
with mobile phones as phones/tables are not ON all
the time. Better is to interconnect them with LogicMachine
and have permanent sensor readings and use this
data in automation 

We can make from Bluetooth LE devices 
a system by adding actions to sensor reading! 

SIP is a signalling communications protocol, widely used for controlling multimedia
communication sessions such as voice and video calls over Internet Protocol (IP) networks 

LogicMachine supports SIP and we can integrate it with
IP Door systems and build a gateway, IP station, or use
for Instant messaging

Voice control
LogicMachine is integrated with Google Voice already
in web (no necessity in other applications)

iBeacon support
  • iBeacon is the trademark for an indoor proximity system 
by Apple which enables an iOS device or other hardware 
to send push notifications to iOS devices in close proximity
  • The iBeacon works on Bluetooth Low Energy 

1-wire is a bus technology which is built based on
client-server topology and allowing to connect up to
300 devices to one controller

Advantages of 1-wire over KNX
  • No need in ETS 
  • Very cost-effective 
  • You can use the same wiring as KNX does and 
connect all standard sensors 

Advantages of 1-wire over resistive sensors
  • Substantial savings on equipment 
  • Easier connection diagram allows to reduce the complexity 
of laying wiring 
  • Extension possibility: connection of additional sensors 
without changing basic wiring 
  • Ability of remote monitoring of sensors (open circuit, 
short circuit etc.) 
  • No need to take into account the resistance of conductors 
like in the circuit with resistive sensors 

LogicMachine has 1-wire interface built-in

Add-on: Universal 2 I/O module, 1-wire compatible
Automate everything!

  • Proximity sensor 
  • Reed contact 
  • Contactor/relay module 
  • Water leakage sensor 
  • Ultrasonic sensor 
  • Movement detector 
  • Any other device with analog signal 


  • Stick anywhere (on side of relay, 
under windows etc) 
  • Cannot mix inputs with outputs as 
hardware is puzzle based 

CEC is supported in LM
  • Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) is an HDMI feature 
designed to allow the user to command and control up-to
15 CEC-enabled devices, that are connected through
HDMI, by using only one of their remote controls

  • Allows to switch on/off e.g. TV, switch channels etc. 

Hi-End cases
  • Mathlab and Mathematica + LogicMachine 

  • Big cloud based on LogicMachine 

  • Redis is an in-memory key-value database 

  • Support Publish/Subscribe 

  • Can serve millions of sensors 

Summary for gateway 
LogicMachine is a glue with intellect between 
completely different systems and makes them work 
as a one whole 

Smart Living
with wall-mounted LogicMachine
User profile / Active presence
  • Also based on Bluetooth device we can make User Profiles. 
So one user can have one KNX scene, another
person – other scenes

  • Based on profiles of Bluetooth electronic for example 
in logistics warehouses we can control lighting, adjust
brightness etc. As PIR doesn't work everywhere due to
narrow aisles.

  • BLE electronics can be used also as 2-step security 
verification, e.g., when a worker enters PIN code to enter
a building, he is also checked by BLE profile if present

With Alcohol sensor LogicMachine can check what
is owner’s alcohol level and inform him when he is
leaving home, so he doesn't drive the car

LogicMachine can check by UltraViolet sensor
(or take this information from internet) the radiation,
owner can enter his UV protection creme Nr.
And LogicMachine informs how long can he be on sun
by not getting any skin problem 

Based on barometer reading notify person
with high blood pressure 

Solution for resorts for guest tracking and identification:

  • In lot of resorts the hotel is providing wearable wrist 
to identify the guest
  • Instead it could use Bluetooth 4.0 watch like Xiaomi Mi 
Band to track the user - where is he now, is he sitting in bar etc.
  • The battery holds for a month approximately
  • There are replacement wrists for this watch available, so 
the guest can keep it once checking out 
Queue mechanism can be realized with Bluetooth 4.0
electronics like Xiaomi Mi Band which has vibrator built in

This is useful, for example, in hospitals where there is a queue -
the doctor can send Bluetooth push notification from 
LogicMachine visualization to the next person in the
queue to come in the room

Use a spacebar or arrow keys to navigate