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Embedded Systems SIA 
Company background 
We started from here...
Before automation we worked in the industry of Internet
Service Providers – developed routers, wireless access
points for outdoor usage, last-mile solutions
  • We obtained valuable experience in hardware design, 
sustainability in harsh weather conditions, robustness
with big network load, maintenance- free device creation

  • Note! ISPs/WISPs usually aim to work with 99.9% uptime 

  • Especially we concentrated on getting experience in 
wireless - ability to work in zones with very high interference
Introduction of building automation
Now home engineering technologies are similar to what
IP technologies were 10 years ago:

  • variety of protocols, no one common standard 
  • numbers of not finished technologies/devices 
  • lack of proper integration into IT / between each other 

Therefore we got interested in starting to work in home
automation field
Based on IP technologies experience, we knew THAT:
  • Only those technologies will remain on the market which 
are standards de-jure and de-facto

  • All technologies have to be integrated into IP 

  • Experience from wireless networking gave us a hint that 
only maintenance-free technologies (without batteries)
and technologies with working frequency less than 1GHz
(air loss, wall penetration, interference) will survive
We researched a list of technologies:
  • X10 
  • ModBus 
  • BACnet 
  • KNX/EIB 
  • HDL 
  • Proprietary standards – 
AMX, Crestron etc.
  • Zwave, 
  • ZigBee, 
  • 6LoWPAN, 
  • 802.15.4 based technologies, 
  • EnOcean 
For all of these technologies we developed real working
and software
Why so many technologies?
  • For getting REAL rather than theoretical experience 

  • For getting clear and detailed knowledge of different 
home automation technologies 

  • Ability to make REAL comparison of these technologies 
Next step – we made a choice of technologies
we will work with:
Wired (all are standards de-facto, de-jure (ISO, EN),
excluding ModBus (old technology, but standard
de-facto on the market):

  • KNX/EIB 
  • BACnet 
  • ModBus 

Wireless (the only technology on the market working
without batteries):

  • EnOcean (ISO/IEC 14543-3-10) 
After technologies were chosen we:
  • Entered KNX Association as 
shareholder organization 

  • Got BACnet ID as developers 

  • Joined EnOcean Alliance 
After some time we:
  • Created Baltic KNX National association 

  • Joined KNX Russia National association 

  • Joined BACS Center of Russia 
Two Embedded System employees are holders of
 KNX tutor certificates
Further actions:
  • We are one of organizing companies of KNX User 
Group in CIS (Russia, former soviet union countries,
Baltic countries)

  • Organized several KNX certification courses 

Why do we do this?
- To know the real installer requirements
- To know how to promote our vision
- To get channels to promote our vision
Next steps
Finding unique solutions for building automation market
Note! Our principle is that we don’t want to create copy of
other manufacturers devices and existing approaches
Embedded Systems SIA
47 Katolu Street, LV-1003, Riga
Telephone: +371 67648888
Fax: +371 67205036
Evika OOO
16 Novocherjemushinskaja, 117036,
Moscow Russia
Telephone: +7(495) 988 09 91
Embedded Systems UG
Marschallstrasse 4a
35444 Biebertal
Telephone: +49 640933016101
Company location
Embedded Systems management and 
software development is DNV ISO9001:2008 
Volburg (EMS company for Embedded Systems) is ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 certified
Sales regions

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