1-wire 2 universal I/O puzzleWith PUZZLE you can interconnect regular binary sensors with 1-wire fieldbus or use the device as digital output to control relays/contactors. By pairing the PUZZLE with LogicMachine, you can finish the installation in very cost-effective way.


Download manual here


Guidelines for Reliable Long Line 1-Wire Networks

1-wire maximum line length, count of sensors, robustness, max output current

Q: What is maximum number of 1-wire temperature sensors to connect to LM, maximum installation length, communication speed with maximum sensors load?
A: Max 1-wire network length is 100 m, you need 3-wires: +5V, 1-Wire, GND. It can take up to 0.5 seconds for each sensor reading. We recommend to connect up to 30 sensors.
Further, in the latest firmware of LogicMachine there are features like increased polling time of 1-wire objects, implemented keepalive object which indicates of error if there was lost connection with at least one of 1-wire device. Also in the configuration menu on LogicMachine you can see pre-configured 1-wire devices and newly found ones in separate lists.
Q: What is max current Puzzle can handle per port? How much current Puzzle needs to be powered?
A: Absolute maximum is 30mA per port, anything beyond that can damage the device. Puzzle does not use 24V for powering, it’s parasitically powered from 1-Wire bus (5V).